Monday, November 25, 2013

Party Party! Wedding!

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow, this work was a lot of fun for us. Maybe too much hahaha. We went to follow up training at the mission home and ate a ton of delicious food including fresh pineapple, bananas, broccoli, and ice cream a rare commodity here. It was so good! Cookies and cream mmm... So that was all good.

On Sunday.. Well this was interesting... We were invited to one of our investigators weddings... At the catholic church. We received permission to go, so we went. I felt really weird walking in there being a missionary for another church and all, but I really wanted to see their traditions and what they did. I am pretty sure that it was more awkward for my companion because if I don't want to understand Tagalog all I have to do is not really focus. So of course the Priest was giving a sermon and things like that. They partook of their sacrament. The priest puts the bread in their mouth for them. A Filipino tradition is to kind of have a prayer circle thing and then bless everyone. To bless they take the hand of the other person and put it to their forhead. Like you would to kiss someone's hand but then no kissing, just to the forehead. They have lots of guardians. All the guardians pay 100 pesos to the catholic church for their wedding. At the reception they also pin pesos to the clothes of the bride and groom, so everyone sees what they give them. The reception wasn't too different then American wedding receptions other than it was catered with Filipino food and they go in surges to eat. First the Bride and groom and their family. They bless everyone on the way in and then sit down and eat. Then they have different surges of people. We were treated like special guests it was nice haha. 

We also had the baptism of Sister G.N. We hope that she will be the key to the rest of her family receiving the gospel. Her husband is coming along slowly but surely. She was happy and very patient. Her kids love us :). Next week we have Sister K.C. to be baptized. Her Siblings were baptized earlier and three more will be baptized with her in Bayto on Saturday. We are so happy they are all receiving the gospel :). Families are so important!  We are busy in the work. 

Our areas were changed though because we got two more elders here, and they will be teaching many of our investigators. We are sad that we don't get to teach them anymore, but be have new friends to make in our new areas. 

Love you all!

Sister Jensen

 Sister Jensen.
Sister P and I with the N children.

G.N's Baptism Day!

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