Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Great News!

Dear Family and Friends!

Wow, this week was great! I had my first companionship exchanges...That was interesting for me. It was with Sister C., the trainer of Sister H., the other American in our apartment. I realized how lucky I am to have Sister J. as my trainer. She really tries her best to help me with the language and help me. Sister J. is really good with English and Tagalog. I am really blessed to have her as a companion. She is very kind, loving, and giving. Most likely we will part in about two weeks. I really want to stay here in Masinloc, but one of us will be leaving, so we will see. I know I will miss her as my trainer. I also had to lead the area, which was really interesting. A lot of our appointments ended up not being home, so that was too bad and I had to search out more people to teach. It was tough, but I realized I knew more than I thought. I also had to talk a lot more because I was leading the area and Sister C. didn't know where she was supposed to talk and when I was supposed to. Sister J. and I have very smooth transitions because she hates pauses, so we transition through questions. Sister C. was waiting for me to pause.. eeek. It was a learning experience. 

Also this week Sister V. was baptized! It was so exciting for us to see! Her son President E. (District president here), baptized her. It was so great to see families growing in the Gospel! She was so happy. She was scared to give her testimony so she wrote it down on a piece of paper and read it. Afterwards she gave it to me because I asked her for it! It was great! 

The next day she was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by her son and recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost. That very evening she went out to work with us as our member present to some of her friends and family. She insisted on walking instead of taking a tricycle. All in all I think she walked several miles at the age of 63! And then we had to climb up a hill to get to an investigators house with just a flashlight and it was pretty steep. She did that as well! All the way up and all the way back! It was Astig (awesome)! She is already doing so great as a member! She is truly inspiring. I love her so much haha. She is a laugh. I never knew how strong her testimony about going to church was until she came with us. She testified of the importance of church and said that if she didn't go to church then the devil wins. She has such a strong testimony about going to church. I loved being out with her. 

Her Son also helped us this week and testified about keeping the sabbath holy. One of the biggest sales day here for his store is a Sunday, but he is closed on it anyway because he has faith. His testimony helped one of our investigator families come to church. They were worried about the father not making enough money driving his tricycle to feed them if he went to church. President E. told them to just try it once, and they did! I know the Lord will bless the Nesperos family because of it. 

I love you all! All is great here, thank you for your love and support!

Sister Jensen

President E. and his family, and his mother, Sister V. 

Sister H., President E., Sister C., Sister V., Sister Jensen, Sister J.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grabi ang Ulan! (Wow, lots of rain-roughly translated)

Hello po para sa lahat! 
Well, this week has been very rainy here in the Philippines, but that is the way it is in rainy season. I am just waiting it out for mango season really hahaha. I am so excited for the mangoes! There are so many here, but not on the trees because the season isn't until like december. Bananas taste amazing here. They taste like candy, but you have to get the right kind. My companion is always saying that fruit and stuff is expensive. So, I am trying to learn how to live healthy here. I don't eat rice because well.. That is a recipe for fatness. Ask anyone here. Who knew that something so flavorless could make you fat? I would rather get fat through deliciousness hahaha so I avoid rice like the plague. It works great! I have been thinking that it is a blessing because maybe if I was somewhere else I would want all the delicious food and I would get fat, but it isn't much of a temptation here now that I know I should avoid it hahaha. I also discovered shakes here last week and I think I almost died and went to heaven. It was heavenly. I loved it. We have transfers on October 16. Most likely Sister J. will go somewhere else and I will stay here and lead the area. I like it here in Masinloc! It is great! We have the best neighbors (Elder and Sister Doyle) and a 7 11 and a shake place, so it makes me happy. We can't eat out a lot, but when we get to I love it! I am starting to learn more of the language. It is something I have to constantly strive to learn. It isn't easy, but I am learning more each day. I hope that I will become fluent quickly. I am working to and have felt the prayers of others helping me. I am trying to relate to the people here and help them as best as I can. I want to love the people here and feel the burning I felt from sharing the gospel in my native tongue at home with the people here. I know I care for the people here because I rejoice in their good choices and feel sorrow when they digress and don't follow the Savior's invitation to come unto him and repent. MIssionary work is hard work. You are constantly trying to improve yourself so you can help improve others. It is a struggle for sure. Sometimes I can't help but feel a little stress from trying to change, but I have felt the support of the Lord. Sometimes when I feel I can't go any further I know that God helps me. He helps me in every day things. Sometimes I don't want to go out in the rain, I want to stay in the investigators house and wait it out, but we go anyways and I think of the Savior and what he would do. I think of what he did and all he suffered for us. Being wet for a while was the least of his concerns. I know that as we repent we come closer to Christ. The commandments are essential to our lives and help us to live a higher law. As missionaries we invite people to repent and live that higher law. It isn't easy work, but I know sometime I will look back and feel fulfillment if I try my hardest. 
I love you all! Thank you for your support!
Mahal Kita!
Sister Jensen

I am studying :) Being a good missionary. "First seek to obtain my word, then declare it."

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Deodorant Cures Everything!

Magandang Umaga everyone! 

You may wonder about the title... Well, it is because it is true... Or it is my theory. I had rashes on my legs and hands and I put deodorant on them. The ones on my legs are all gone! And the hand ones are going away! So remember, when in humid conditions deodorant is a life saver!! Sister J. and I's area was changed this week. Why? Because we got a new set of Elders here. So, that's cool. We still live in the Belair of apartments. Even President Q. says it is the best in the mission. I tried jump roping on the balcony this morning. It was awesome! So, our new area goes out really far. Yesterday we were exploring it and found the hidden town of Bani. I think that they should stick a set of elders out there to live to build the church and members there so eventually they can have their own building. There is only one less active member out there. There are not very many members or less actives in our new area. It makes it very challenging. We had many fall through appointments or "punted" lessons. It was sad because we were teaching very few lessons, but we are working our hardest to strengthen our area. The ZL's met with us to change the boundries  and it didn't go as we had planned, but we are working hard in our new area. Sister J. says it is like opening a new area. Bani, Tal Tal, and Relocation are wayyy out there. We walked all the way from Bani to Relocation.. It was basically insanity and it was raining more than cats and dogs. It rained so much I dumped out the water from my boots several times. The road was very rocky, but I love the excersize. However, we were also fasting so hahaha that was hard, but we were fasting for our investigators that have a father that is against us teaching them. The argue over it so we have been unable to teach them. Sister K. is just a little girl and she really studies and tries to learn the gospel. It is sad to see the actions of others prevent them from receiving the gospel, but she is willing so sometime I know she will get it and we will do our best to help. We are going to an inactive's funeral today and I was wearing red earlier. I had to change because here red is too happy of a color for funerals. Interesting fact for you all. It will be interesting. I have heard it is quite the event! I also hear that our mission has a facebook and President Q. took a picture of me this week, so you all should look up the Olongapo mission on facebook :). WE are also sad because one of our investigators that is getting baptized this week is now in the other sister's area so we don't get to teach her anymore... It is sad. We stopped in to say hi yesterday and the power went off so we decided we shouldn't be there hahaha. We were just walking home, but we said hi and carried on our way. They were getting ready for bed anyways. Then the Brother comes on his tricyle and gives us a ride. He had to get dressed and everything to do it and he refused to let us pay. It was very mabait of them (nice). It just made me miss teaching them all, but the nanay is still getting baptized this Saturday and the important thing is that they receive the gospel. The work is great! Thank you all for your prayers. I love you and will write you again soon! 
Sister Jensen

These are the pictures President Q. posted on the mission Facebook page.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Magandang Bahay namin. Our Beautiful House!

If you couldn't tell from her email, Jasmine was REALLY excited about her new apartment. Here are a couple pictures of Jasmine and the lovely Sister H. outside the apartment.

And Sister C. and Sister J. with them on the balcony.

And Sister Jensen, Sister C. and Sister J. on the staircase inside the apartment.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Magandang Umago po! 
How are you all?  It is great here! I feel so blessed! Today we are moving from our super 8 apartment to the Hilton of apartments here! My companion says the apartment we were in was the worst she has stayed in  and the one we are going to is the best.  It is seriously the Belair of apartments. It has an upstairs, a downstairs, and a balcony! It is SOOOO gorgeous! Pinakamaganda ito!  I will have to send you pictures next week. It has tile and everything. It makes me feel like I have gone back to America. The best thing is that it is right next to Elder and Sister Doyle who are the best couple missionaries ever! They are so sweet and giving. Sister Doyle made us spaghetti last night. It was like being in America again in their beautiful apartment with all the food. It was awesome. She has also made cinnamon rolls for us and given us icecream this week which is saweet! I love the Doyles they really care for the people here and for the work. They try their best to help us do our best. I think they have a facebook. Sister Doyle also gave us peanutbutter and honey which means she is my best friend because I love peanutbutter. Everything is going splendid here. The people are wonderful. On Thursday I felt so blessed. All our investigators were keeping their commitments and all in all I just felt really blessed. The work here is not always easy. I have things I have to improve on each day and lets not forget the language either. But I am learning. Slow and steady wins the race. I am trying my hardest to learn the language. I often forget phraises and it isn't easy, but I have plans and goals to become better and I know the Lord will help me. We are planning a one day mission for the youth here to visit inactives. It sounds like a lot of fun. We also have 2 baptisms scheduled for next week. One of them has a problem with drinking coffee and the other one's guardians don't feel he is ready yet, but he is still very young and just needs direction. We are working hard to help them. Life is wonderful here! We have transfers on Wednesday and I hope that I will not be transferred because I love it here! It is so wonderful and now my apartment is amazing. There are 3 showers in it! And a couple bathrooms. Seriously it is great! If I don't get transferred I could be here another 2 months at least. I could possibly be here for 6 months! I would seriously love it because the people here are great and my apartment is wonderful! I am a happy camper.  I love you all! 
Stay safe! 
I know God blesses the obedient! 
Sister Jensen

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Filipino Post! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Hello everyone!
Don't worry about me. Really don't. Everything is great here. There are challenges of course and it is definitely not home. "Todo, I don't think we are in Idaho anymore.". That is for sure. So, they do eat a lot of rice here. They say that if you don't have rice with a meal it is only snacking. I have to disagree. I miss noodles and whole wheat bread. They only have white bread here, but what can you expect? It is a third world country? Anyways, I am adjusting much better and we have been very busy this week. We have worked very hard. Each day my companion has a list of things I need to improve on, but yesterday she had nothing. Yes! She just said she was happy with our work. So, I am progressing. Still trying to learn the language. My companion, Sister J. is very nice to help me with that. Everyday I ride a tricycle to our appointments, study, and sweat and sweat when it isn't raining. Someone stole my companion and I's umbrella's this week at our district meeting. It was sad. I loved my pokadot umbrella. I never realized how much I loved pokadots until I came here. I also never realized how many vegetables I ate before until now. When I cook I cook lots of vegetables, but when the other companionship cooks it is basically meat and rice.. I miss having my health conscious family hahaha. But it is still great. The people are wonderful and very nice. The work is progressing, but a lot of our investigators are not married, which is essential for baptism. Marriage is essential under the law of Chastity. Which states that sexual relations are sacred and saved for marriage. Can you believe I have already been in the Philippines for one month? It seems crazy that I have already been here that long. I would also like to tell you all.... MERRRYYYY CHRISTMAS! Yes, that is right. They celebrate Christmas from September until December here. They love their Christmas. I think it is great. The longer the Christmas spirit the better. Well, I love you all! Take care! I will talk to  you soon. Thank you for your prayers and support! 
Love always,
Sister Jensen

Beautiful Masinloc, and the Branch President's family.