Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Great News!

Dear Family and Friends!

Wow, this week was great! I had my first companionship exchanges...That was interesting for me. It was with Sister C., the trainer of Sister H., the other American in our apartment. I realized how lucky I am to have Sister J. as my trainer. She really tries her best to help me with the language and help me. Sister J. is really good with English and Tagalog. I am really blessed to have her as a companion. She is very kind, loving, and giving. Most likely we will part in about two weeks. I really want to stay here in Masinloc, but one of us will be leaving, so we will see. I know I will miss her as my trainer. I also had to lead the area, which was really interesting. A lot of our appointments ended up not being home, so that was too bad and I had to search out more people to teach. It was tough, but I realized I knew more than I thought. I also had to talk a lot more because I was leading the area and Sister C. didn't know where she was supposed to talk and when I was supposed to. Sister J. and I have very smooth transitions because she hates pauses, so we transition through questions. Sister C. was waiting for me to pause.. eeek. It was a learning experience. 

Also this week Sister V. was baptized! It was so exciting for us to see! Her son President E. (District president here), baptized her. It was so great to see families growing in the Gospel! She was so happy. She was scared to give her testimony so she wrote it down on a piece of paper and read it. Afterwards she gave it to me because I asked her for it! It was great! 

The next day she was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by her son and recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost. That very evening she went out to work with us as our member present to some of her friends and family. She insisted on walking instead of taking a tricycle. All in all I think she walked several miles at the age of 63! And then we had to climb up a hill to get to an investigators house with just a flashlight and it was pretty steep. She did that as well! All the way up and all the way back! It was Astig (awesome)! She is already doing so great as a member! She is truly inspiring. I love her so much haha. She is a laugh. I never knew how strong her testimony about going to church was until she came with us. She testified of the importance of church and said that if she didn't go to church then the devil wins. She has such a strong testimony about going to church. I loved being out with her. 

Her Son also helped us this week and testified about keeping the sabbath holy. One of the biggest sales day here for his store is a Sunday, but he is closed on it anyway because he has faith. His testimony helped one of our investigator families come to church. They were worried about the father not making enough money driving his tricycle to feed them if he went to church. President E. told them to just try it once, and they did! I know the Lord will bless the Nesperos family because of it. 

I love you all! All is great here, thank you for your love and support!

Sister Jensen

President E. and his family, and his mother, Sister V. 

Sister H., President E., Sister C., Sister V., Sister Jensen, Sister J.

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