Sunday, October 6, 2013

Well, Still Here in the Philippines.

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been a week of ups and downs for me. I am still struggling with the language and working hard to try and overcome that. But! I got to have exchanges this week because my companion is Sister Training Leader (STL) and it was a wonderful experience for me. I got to be with Sister S. who is from New Zealand and she had just gotten a package from her family with New Zealand Cadburry chocolate and she shared it with me. It was probably the best chocolate ever. It was so good! I have also decided that New Zealand sounds like the best and that the accent is super cool. If I ever go on a mission again I hope that it would be there because the food sounds amazing and it doesn't sound too different from Idaho. I also got a package from my family that I am forever grateful for. I have such a loving family and I realized how wonderful my family is until I got here. Next week we get to watch General Conference here and I am very excited. Sister S. helped me realized that missionary work can be fun! It doesn't always have to be super stressful and I can just be me and love the people. She is a very loving person. I am so grateful I got to see how missionary work can be. Fun and exciting! The most fulfillment in missionary work comes from really loving the people and feeling concern for them and their welfare. Something interesting for you all that you may not know. Here they go around on bikes selling balute and icecream ringing bells. They call the icecream on the street dirty icecream haha. No worries, we aren't allowed to buy from street vendors so we stay clean. The other day in STA Cruz I saw a man happy as a clam with cake. Cake is a specialty here. The relief society president here invited us over for lunch. When we got there it was a Filipino feast with pancit and other filipino dishes. It was her birthday.. People here are always doing that. Instead of expecting gifts on their birthdays they give instead. They are so loving and selfless. And of course it was delicious! I also got called miss world on Sunday. I guess I look like their new miss world here Megan something from Olongapo. Hahaha You will have to look her up and decide for yourselves. 
Well, I love you all! Take care and ALWAYS be safe! I hope to see you all when I get home! 


Sister Jensen

"Sister E., the RS president with me on the mountain in Atob Baloganan and of course sister J. and I. Maganda (beautiful) ba?"

"The C. kids carrying chairs to come sit with us. And a view of the ocean."

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