Sunday, October 20, 2013

No Worries, No Earthquake Here.

Dear Family and Friends,

Don't worry, there was no earthquake here. Just in Cebu. Now that we've got that squared away. I have had a lot of different experiences this week in my work. Including an experience with an investigator, she wrote my companion a note that was backwards so you had to read it in the mirror. Really creative for sure!

We had one of our investigators tell us he doesn't want to be baptized this week. It was sad to see him make that decision. But we all have our agency. We make our own decisions and I honor his agency. I still have hopes for him.  I think he felt bad that his guardians didn't think he was ready before and lost his excitement and enthusiasm. I know that God has a plan for all of us though :). 

This next week we will be baptizing the C. kids. They are so cute and I know they are ready for baptism. They are reading the Book of Mormon and praying. They are so cute. I took some pics of them and will be sending them. C. is too young to be baptized, but he is cute and a handful haha. Always into everything. Climbing on the table we are teaching at and throwing things. The rest are very quite and timid. You really have to interrogate them sometimes to really figure out how they are feeling and what they need. 

Yesterday I had a wonderful experience with two of our less active members. We had Family home evening at their house with all their grandchildren, of which some are members, but some are not. We were sitting there waiting for everyone to get assembled when her son, who is not a member, walked accross the room with a guitar and was headed out the door when he realized that I was staring at the guitar with envy hahaha. He stopped and asked if I wanted to play. I said yes, and took it and strummed a few chords before I realized I couldn't remember any of the songs that I knew before haha so I said, "Kayo na lang!" Which means, just you! And then he continued to play the guitar like a pro. He was VERY good! It reminded me of my cousin Steven. Then he started singing, "Take me Home Country Roads" and it reminded me of my dear mother. I think you would have loved it mom! It was his own variation. He said it was an old song, I said "Yeah, I only know it because my mom sings it." Anyways, I loved it and it got him to stay for our family home evening! He listened to our lesson and said that him and his wife would go to church on Sunday *fingers crossed. I just realized how important it is to show interest in people and their interests. I know he wouldn't have stayed otherwise. Plus, we are teaching people not lessons. We just want them to have the happiness and the joy we have. Following the commandments of God brings true joy. 

After our lesson we played games. One of the games we stacked matches on top a bottle and if you had three fall you got a penalty. After we built it up we took it down. It was fun. Kind of like Jhenga. Then we played the fruit game where you aren't allowed to show your teeth. It reminded me of the time I played it with my family at the Rhoenhorst's. Except that it was in Tagalog and there were Filipino fruits and it wasn't as intense. They were allowed to smile afterwards, where we don't. It was a lot of fun though :). FHE is my favorite haha. We have another tonight with the N. family. Some of our investigators. It should be fun! 

We teach so many different people, with so many different concerns. I love seeing the different types of people. I love this work. It is hard work. It can be stressful and if you don't think I am aging not only physically, but mentally you would be wrong. But, we are inviting others to come unto Christ and important is our call and demanding is our work. 

Mahal kita! Ingat po kayo!


Sister Jensen

Flowers for Mom.

Sister J. and the backwards note.

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