Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Serve the Lord with Love.

As I was downloading all the pictures from Jasmine's email this week (there were more than normal because they thought they were going to be transferred) I was reading from a talk by Thomas S. Monson. It's from April 2013 General Conference, and its a wonderful message about missionary work entitled, " Come, All Ye Sons of God." If you want to read the entirety, it can be found here
President Monson talks about a formula for success as a missionary.The message the Prophet shared isn't just for those who are full time missionaries, anyone can and should implement it. He said, "The final point in our formula is to serve the Lord with love. There is no substitute for love. Successful missionaries love their companions, their mission leaders, and the precious persons whom they teach. " It's wonderful to see Sister Jensen's love grow every week. 

J.C., he's 12 years old, and the silent type. 

Sister Jensen with the C. children.

Brother and Sister Doyle are on the left. Jasmine loves them. This is at a baptism for someone that the Elder's taught.

Sister Jensen with the C. family. 

Sister Jensen and D.

The young men in the branch.

The missionaries!

Jasmine and C.C. (ISN'T HE ADORABLE!?)

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  1. Love to see Jasmine with these beautiful people!!