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a little about Jasmine.

Jasmine was born February 28, 1993 to Vaughn and Lisa Jensen.  She is the youngest of five. Our dad has always said he had farmer's luck when it came to his children because all of them are boys except for four. Jasmine was raised on the family farm in Emmett, Idaho. It was here that she first learned the value of hard work in her life. She spent her summers in the hot Idaho sun, irrigating, picking rocks, and operating heavy machinery, among other things. Our family worked hard together, and we played together too. Every year we would go on a family camping trip at the end of the summer. Dad and Mom would pack up the horses, sheep herder tents, bedding, the four girls and one boy, and drive hours and hours to the chosen remote forest trail head that would lead to our vacation destination. We would walk for hours, taking turns on the horses, and singing songs together. Many favorite family memories are of these trips. Including little Jazzy sneaking into the coolers to take bites of cheese directly from the block.

Jasmine always participated in lots of extra curricular activities. She was involved in 4-H, where she showed the horse she loved, learned to cook, sew, scrapbook, quilt, decorate cakes and many other domestic skills. Jasmine is the cake boss of our family. She would create beautiful birthday cakes for all the members of our family whenever there was a birthday or other occasion to celebrate. When Jasmine is around the oven is hot, and there are always sweets.

Music has always been present in our home since our mom is a talented singer and guitarist, and Jasmine followed in her footsteps and loves to play the violin. Though at first screechy, nail-on-chalkboard renditions of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" were played over and over and over, seemingly overnight she began to touch our hearts with the beautiful violin hymns and music she played.

Jasmine is a gifted athlete. She has participated in many sports, soccer, softball, swimming basketball, volleyball, and her favorite: tennis. She played tennis through middle school and high school, and earned an athletic scholarship to play collegiate tennis before her mission. Her ability to lead and influence others for good shone when she was chosen to be the ladies team captain. Jasmine always played hard, but she never sacrificed her integrity for a point in her favor, and has always been courteous and friendly to her opponents. Jasmine was first in her conference in both brackets she played in for ladies singles and ladies doubles. She uses her talent in the sport to serve others, she would give pointers and tips to all those who asked and gave free lessons to anyone who wanted to learn. I coached tennis for the local middle school and Jasmine was always willing to talk about drills, or technique and even though she was taking 19 credits, and playing tennis for her school, she would find the time to come to the courts at the city park and help the 60 middle schoolers learn to love the game.

Jasmine is ultra modest, and probably wouldn't have told you half of the stuff I just gushed about, but trust me, thats just the beginning of the sweetness that is Jasmine. We have many names for the baby of the family, Jazzy, Jaz,  Jazzle, Jazman Tazman, Jazmataz, Lady Jones, Aunt Jaz, but we know that her favorite is the one she goes by today: Sister Jensen.

Jasmine's Birthday.

 Jasmine's first camping trip. September 1993.

 My dad and Janeen on Chester. 
Jasmine (asleep in Mom's arms), Mom, and I on Smokey. 

the girls.
Jasmine, Janeen, Jacqueline, and Jannelle. 

 Another camping trip. 

 Jasmine sneaking into the cooler. 

 July 1997.

 Langer Lake with our family, and Grandparents.

 Pinion Peak Look-Out, with our cousins, the Wests,
and Grandma and Grandpa Jensen.

Winter Olympics 2002, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Jensen cousins, and Ukrainian TV Crew. 

 Jazzy shoveling corrugates.

The family on the farm, irrigating/shoveling corrugates together. 

 Jasmine at bat during a softball game. 

 Induction to National Honor Society.

Junior Tennis, with doubles partner. 

Senior Tennis, singles, districts. 

 Horse 4-H

 Sewing 4-H

 Jasmine's senior picture. 

 college tennis.

 Family Pictures 2013

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