Sunday, October 13, 2013

Conference, oh Utah, so close to home.

Hello Everyone!

This week I went to STa. Cruz to watch General conference on Saturday, but there was no power. They tried to use a generator at first, but it just kept turning off and on so it didn't work very well. But the next day we had power again and we got to watch the Sunday session. Well, we missed the beginning because we couldn't find a bus or jeepney that was going to Santa Cruz. But it was so great to see a part of America again. It made me miss home a little. You know you all have it really good where you are right? America is great! The counsel of the Prophet and apostles was great. It is so amazing that we have modern revelation for direction in our lives. God gave us apostles and prophets in the past to help the people and to guide them. God is unchangeable so of course we have them now :). 

I am sending some pictures on here of our branch President's daughter, J's, birthday. It was great! We had rice... rice cake.. hahaha Lots of rice. And then real cake. The frosting was like flan like stuff with flower designs in the top. We call J. Candy tsyokolate because she is always singing that song. It is the Filipino version of "If all the rain was gumdrops" you know what I am talking about. 

Life is good here. This morning we had a special treat. Spaghetti. I never thought I would miss my mom's spaghetti so much. I regret not being so grateful for it before haha. 

the people here are great. They are kind and loving people. Sometimes there are cultural differences that are hard. My trainer is very harsh to me sometimes, but to her it doesn't seem that way. I think it is an asian mentality thing.. They can be strict people, but I have also seen very loving and fun Filipinos. We have transfers on the 23rd. I hope I stay here in Masinloc. I love it here and they have shakes that are delicious. Plus, I am just getting to really know the people here and better relate to them and love them. Well, each day I have to work hard. Work hard to be friendly, to speak the language, to understand it, and to love the people. Sometimes I just wish I could relate to them as easy as I do to Americans. 

An Elder in our district is from New Zealand and a sister too. We were talking about it over there and I think I would like to go there someday. It sounds a lot like Idaho. I think I would like it there. They are really kind people too.

Well, Love you all! Until next week!
Love, Sister Jensen

J. with gifts from Sister Jensen.

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