Sunday, September 15, 2013

Deodorant Cures Everything!

Magandang Umaga everyone! 

You may wonder about the title... Well, it is because it is true... Or it is my theory. I had rashes on my legs and hands and I put deodorant on them. The ones on my legs are all gone! And the hand ones are going away! So remember, when in humid conditions deodorant is a life saver!! Sister J. and I's area was changed this week. Why? Because we got a new set of Elders here. So, that's cool. We still live in the Belair of apartments. Even President Q. says it is the best in the mission. I tried jump roping on the balcony this morning. It was awesome! So, our new area goes out really far. Yesterday we were exploring it and found the hidden town of Bani. I think that they should stick a set of elders out there to live to build the church and members there so eventually they can have their own building. There is only one less active member out there. There are not very many members or less actives in our new area. It makes it very challenging. We had many fall through appointments or "punted" lessons. It was sad because we were teaching very few lessons, but we are working our hardest to strengthen our area. The ZL's met with us to change the boundries  and it didn't go as we had planned, but we are working hard in our new area. Sister J. says it is like opening a new area. Bani, Tal Tal, and Relocation are wayyy out there. We walked all the way from Bani to Relocation.. It was basically insanity and it was raining more than cats and dogs. It rained so much I dumped out the water from my boots several times. The road was very rocky, but I love the excersize. However, we were also fasting so hahaha that was hard, but we were fasting for our investigators that have a father that is against us teaching them. The argue over it so we have been unable to teach them. Sister K. is just a little girl and she really studies and tries to learn the gospel. It is sad to see the actions of others prevent them from receiving the gospel, but she is willing so sometime I know she will get it and we will do our best to help. We are going to an inactive's funeral today and I was wearing red earlier. I had to change because here red is too happy of a color for funerals. Interesting fact for you all. It will be interesting. I have heard it is quite the event! I also hear that our mission has a facebook and President Q. took a picture of me this week, so you all should look up the Olongapo mission on facebook :). WE are also sad because one of our investigators that is getting baptized this week is now in the other sister's area so we don't get to teach her anymore... It is sad. We stopped in to say hi yesterday and the power went off so we decided we shouldn't be there hahaha. We were just walking home, but we said hi and carried on our way. They were getting ready for bed anyways. Then the Brother comes on his tricyle and gives us a ride. He had to get dressed and everything to do it and he refused to let us pay. It was very mabait of them (nice). It just made me miss teaching them all, but the nanay is still getting baptized this Saturday and the important thing is that they receive the gospel. The work is great! Thank you all for your prayers. I love you and will write you again soon! 
Sister Jensen

These are the pictures President Q. posted on the mission Facebook page.

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