Sunday, September 1, 2013

Filipino Post! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Hello everyone!
Don't worry about me. Really don't. Everything is great here. There are challenges of course and it is definitely not home. "Todo, I don't think we are in Idaho anymore.". That is for sure. So, they do eat a lot of rice here. They say that if you don't have rice with a meal it is only snacking. I have to disagree. I miss noodles and whole wheat bread. They only have white bread here, but what can you expect? It is a third world country? Anyways, I am adjusting much better and we have been very busy this week. We have worked very hard. Each day my companion has a list of things I need to improve on, but yesterday she had nothing. Yes! She just said she was happy with our work. So, I am progressing. Still trying to learn the language. My companion, Sister J. is very nice to help me with that. Everyday I ride a tricycle to our appointments, study, and sweat and sweat when it isn't raining. Someone stole my companion and I's umbrella's this week at our district meeting. It was sad. I loved my pokadot umbrella. I never realized how much I loved pokadots until I came here. I also never realized how many vegetables I ate before until now. When I cook I cook lots of vegetables, but when the other companionship cooks it is basically meat and rice.. I miss having my health conscious family hahaha. But it is still great. The people are wonderful and very nice. The work is progressing, but a lot of our investigators are not married, which is essential for baptism. Marriage is essential under the law of Chastity. Which states that sexual relations are sacred and saved for marriage. Can you believe I have already been in the Philippines for one month? It seems crazy that I have already been here that long. I would also like to tell you all.... MERRRYYYY CHRISTMAS! Yes, that is right. They celebrate Christmas from September until December here. They love their Christmas. I think it is great. The longer the Christmas spirit the better. Well, I love you all! Take care! I will talk to  you soon. Thank you for your prayers and support! 
Love always,
Sister Jensen

Beautiful Masinloc, and the Branch President's family.

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