Sunday, August 25, 2013

Love, Sister Jensen.

Dear Family and friends, 
Well.. Raise your hand if you thought it would be exciting to go to a third world country? Me too... Then I got here. hahaha I discovered it is super exciting. I touched a cockroach on accident this week.. It was in the dark laundry room on the broom I was grabbing.. Yeah.. I freaked out because I knew what I was touching. I also found a dead lizard in my purse. There are aunts everywhere... But! I am learning to live my life here. I really got to relate to one of the inactive members here this week. Her family was persecuting her and threatening her for her faith in the church. I was able to understand just enough of that to know and then to relate Moroni and his struggles to her. It was a powerful experience for me. It was just after my companion and I had a fast. Sooo.. Fasting works!!! It really does. I know that it does and that God strengthens us through fasting. It is still very different here and many different things, but I am accepting it as my life over the next year and a half. 
I miss you all, I love you all. 
Sister Jensen

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