Monday, August 19, 2013

Living the Filipino Kind of Life.

Laundry day!  

 The Bay Walk with Sister J.

"I hope you got all my pics. I really like the green veggie in the pic. It is called Siode (not sure on the spelling). It is good. I think you would like it mom. It is one of my favorites. they also have squash here which I love. The couples missionaries here are really nice and good to us. This morning Sister Doyle brought us bread and rice cakes. She also gave me peanut butter. It was good and I have been enjoying it. It is my comfort food. They have peanut butter here. I guess you can buy a big thing of it for about 10 dollars, but I haven't exchanged my money and I don't want the responsibility of the credit card yet. Sister Doyle is going to get some for me and just give me part. We don't have a ton of money to live off of here, but I will see exaclty how far it goes after this month and decide what to do. Mostly I really miss peanut butter m and ms and gronola bars."

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