Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 2 in the Philippines

Howdy Everyone,
That is me trying to bring back a little bit of home to myself. Things are very different here. Yesterday we got rained into our apartment. Yes, rained. Lots of Masinloc was flooded. Before we were told to stay home I was in water up to the middle of my calves. A special thanks to my mom for the crocs I had and also the powder because I have a rash from the heat, but it is all good and the powder is helping a lot haha. Anyways, the rainy day was just what I needed. I was a little distraught about not being able to write my family and hope no one was worried. It was a nice day to catch up on the house  and of course the area book! I have been missing Idaho this week and just America in general, but I like it here. The people are nice. Here are some strange facts for you all: When they eat chicken they cut it  up with bones and all into chunks. Everything is Filipino size. The snacks are about half of our funsize snacks most of the time. They eat the gills of the fish... I haven't done it yet, but I know I will soon because I saw one of the other sisters preparing it. They put on face bleach to be whiter. They eat with a spoon and a fork. No knife. They say "Tao po" instead of knocking. There are little tiny snack stores everywhere. Literally everywhere.Umbrellas are used for the sun as well as the rain. Everyone will stare at you if you are white/laugh/smile/wave, which isn't very Filipino. No one really waves. They point at things with their lips. They wiggle their eyebrows up so say yes and say nuh uh, which is confusing for me as an American because sometimes I think they are saying no and then I realize they are saying yes. Well.. I am struggling with the language and things are not easy, but I am persevering to try to do what I was sent here to do. I love you all. Feel blessed to live in America. You will never realize how fortunate you are. We are planning on having our first baptism this Saturday. Her name is A. and she reminds me of Cianna. Love you all! Oh, and I am sorry to say that I probably will not write anyone letters because I heard it is really expensive to send them. Packages are also very expensive to receive so my advice is just to not. So... If you write me one I will love it to death because really they make my month. I am considering writing back, taking a picture and sending it over e-mail. Then giving it later. Well... I love you all. MIss you all. Miss America, corn, and IDaho, but am learning a lot here.
Love always,
Sister Jensen

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