Sunday, August 18, 2013


Hello everyone!

How are you all? Well, this little Idaho girl is still missing the farm and home. If there is one thing I have learned there is no place like America. If only I had some ruby slippers. I have also learned some other things as well like that the more I love the people here the less I miss home. It is true. I pray each day to love the people more because as I love them as Christ would I forget my worries and cares and just love them and try to do all that I can for them. Well, there was a typhoon very near to here and it flooded Masinloc. It is interesting to see the people's reactions. They either turn away from Christ and God or towards them. They are either in despair or are happy despite their circumstances. It broke my heart to see them. The other day I was talking to a sister named Larissa about missing home. She asked if I missed my family. I said that I did and she told me it was a sacrifice. I said it was, but I also realized what an important sacrifice it is. I realized the wonderful message I have for the people about the gospel. Although I cannot help them and even if I could Christ can help them more than I can. He can give them everlasting happiness. Anything I could give them physically would only be momentary happiness. I am thankful for the sacrifice of my family back home and all they do to support me here on my mission. I know it is a sacrifice for all of us for me to be here. I am really thankful for all your prayers and know that God hears them and answers them. I have felt strengthened and uplifted here because of them. Thank you. Things are very different here, but I am growing to love it. I met with my mission President this last week. He has such a happy and loving personality that no one can help but smile when you are around him. This next week I will head to the mission home for meeting our goals and training follow up. Oh, and I do not have to pay extra for packages.. You just have to pay a lot for them to get here. Just so you all know. There is a shipping company called LBC that ships here for less. I do miss some of the comforts of home, but know that I love you all than material things and love letters. I am trying to learn more about letter correspondence. I also get dear elders :). They are free for you to send and free for me to receive so they are great. If you send me any this next week I will get them when I go to the mission home. I love you all, thank you for everything :). I had my first baptism this week. She was so cute. There is so much joy in seeing someone become a member of the church and following the example of Jesus Christ. Stay safe. Love you!
Sister Jensen

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