Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grabi ang Ulan! (Wow, lots of rain-roughly translated)

Hello po para sa lahat! 
Well, this week has been very rainy here in the Philippines, but that is the way it is in rainy season. I am just waiting it out for mango season really hahaha. I am so excited for the mangoes! There are so many here, but not on the trees because the season isn't until like december. Bananas taste amazing here. They taste like candy, but you have to get the right kind. My companion is always saying that fruit and stuff is expensive. So, I am trying to learn how to live healthy here. I don't eat rice because well.. That is a recipe for fatness. Ask anyone here. Who knew that something so flavorless could make you fat? I would rather get fat through deliciousness hahaha so I avoid rice like the plague. It works great! I have been thinking that it is a blessing because maybe if I was somewhere else I would want all the delicious food and I would get fat, but it isn't much of a temptation here now that I know I should avoid it hahaha. I also discovered shakes here last week and I think I almost died and went to heaven. It was heavenly. I loved it. We have transfers on October 16. Most likely Sister J. will go somewhere else and I will stay here and lead the area. I like it here in Masinloc! It is great! We have the best neighbors (Elder and Sister Doyle) and a 7 11 and a shake place, so it makes me happy. We can't eat out a lot, but when we get to I love it! I am starting to learn more of the language. It is something I have to constantly strive to learn. It isn't easy, but I am learning more each day. I hope that I will become fluent quickly. I am working to and have felt the prayers of others helping me. I am trying to relate to the people here and help them as best as I can. I want to love the people here and feel the burning I felt from sharing the gospel in my native tongue at home with the people here. I know I care for the people here because I rejoice in their good choices and feel sorrow when they digress and don't follow the Savior's invitation to come unto him and repent. MIssionary work is hard work. You are constantly trying to improve yourself so you can help improve others. It is a struggle for sure. Sometimes I can't help but feel a little stress from trying to change, but I have felt the support of the Lord. Sometimes when I feel I can't go any further I know that God helps me. He helps me in every day things. Sometimes I don't want to go out in the rain, I want to stay in the investigators house and wait it out, but we go anyways and I think of the Savior and what he would do. I think of what he did and all he suffered for us. Being wet for a while was the least of his concerns. I know that as we repent we come closer to Christ. The commandments are essential to our lives and help us to live a higher law. As missionaries we invite people to repent and live that higher law. It isn't easy work, but I know sometime I will look back and feel fulfillment if I try my hardest. 
I love you all! Thank you for your support!
Mahal Kita!
Sister Jensen

I am studying :) Being a good missionary. "First seek to obtain my word, then declare it."

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