Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hurrah for Israel! Sister Jensen enters the MTC.

Jasmine entered the  Provo Utah,  MTC on June 19, 2013. She flew from Boise to Salt Lake City with  Sister Helms from our home ward. Aunt Shelly and our cousins picked them up. They were able to go to the Salt Lake Temple before Jasmine had to report to the MTC. Jasmine said, "This is me at the Temple with Aunt Shelley and Andrea. It was so fun to get to go with them before I entered the MTC." Here are some photos of the day.

Shelly, Jasmine, and Andrea in front of the Salt Lake City Temple.

Sister Helms, Jasmine, Annie,  Shelly.

Sister Helms, Jasmine, Andrea, Annie, Shawn. 

Hurrah for Israel! For President Walker back in Idaho.

Arriving at the MTC

And away they went. 

Jasmine meeting her first companion- Sister S. 
You can see a bit of her name tag and orange dot peeking out
from behind her hair. 

Jasmine and all of her MTC roommates on her first day in the MTC.

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