Wednesday, June 5, 2013

the call.

I knew the moment that President Monson announced that the age for missionary service had been lowered in October 2012, that my baby sister was already half way out the door. It seems like everyone else close to her had that moment of realization as well. Little Jazzy was going to be a missionary. She had already committed to play tennis for her college in the spring, and she made the decision to finish out the year of college. During which she would complete her associates degree, finish her mission papers, and set her availability date for the day after classes completed.

On March 8, Jasmine sprinted to the mailbox like she had been for a few weeks and the fat white envelope was finally there. Our other sister Janeen was out of town but flying in that night so Jasmine (being the kind patient lady she is) waited to open it till she could have her loved ones around her. Even though the soonest that could happen was at about 11:30 pm that night.

Olongapo, Philippines Mission

The Jensen Family (except Jacque) 

Even though none of us even knew how to pronounce Olongapo, or Tagalog, Jasmine was excited to serve and accepted her call. She knew it was where the Lord wanted her to go and that she would serve among and grow to love the people there. 

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