Monday, December 2, 2013

Fiesta ng Bayan.

Dear Family and friends, 

This last week we had a baptism! Sister K.C. We were so excited for her to be baptized with two of her siblings in Bayto. Earlier when I was here we baptized two of her other siblings, so now all of her siblings have accepted the gospel except the oldest sibling. The amazing thing is that they live in different places, but they still all received the gospel. Some of them live with their grandma here in Masinloc and some live with their dad in Bayto or Santa Cruz. We are so happy for her. She already has friends and is doing great! Her mother died a couple years ago that is why some of them live with their grandma. Their mother was a member. Her cousins also live with her. Their mother also died. Her cousins were baptized with the two other of her siblings before. He will be receiving the priesthood! We are so excited for him. Well at least I am. His name is J :). J.C, and I am so excited for him. I hope he serves a mission. He is only 12, but he looks older because he is tall.

This week was also the Fiesta of the Bayan here. So it looks a lot like Cherry Festival. There are food stands, clothes stands, rides like the farris wheel and octopus, and banners everywhere. It is really quite festive. We got invited to lunch at one of our investigators houses. After we got outside, our landlord who just got in from Canada, invited us in for lunch at his house. So not only were we going to eat two lunches, but he insisted on us going for round two. It was very good Filipino food. It included a dish in which they cook blood.. It was okay, it had kind of a bitter taste. Then we went to our investigators house. We were supposed to teach a lesson before, but they were busy entertaining their guests in and out of the house. They served us inside. We were the only ones inside and we ate on china... That was a first for me in a long time. Usually only plastic plates. It was very fancy and delicious! Afterwards they all wanted pictures with me. It was great! They invited us back for Christmas. NO complaints here, but I also hope to be able to teach them a lesson as well sometime before Christmas. They are nice people and would do well to hear the gospel. I will send a picture of them and all our fun next week because we can't hook up a usb in this computer shop. Viruses. There were people EVERYWHERE. It reminding me of Cherry Festival. No wonder it doesn't feel like Christmas to me. It is WAY too much like summer. 

Then we went and taught lessons. One to the C family and they fed us this delicious Filipino dessert that is made out of macaroni, fruit cocktail and other delicious ingredients.. It was so nummy. Later we caught a victory bus with Kristil and her phone went off. Neen, it was Paramore. I can't remember the title, but it reminded me of you. 

So this week has been a lot of fun for us. We have been working hard and exploring our areas. We had many new investigators. The people here are really friendly, caring, and loving people. I am glad I was sent to the Philippines on my mission. The people are great! I love it here. I know that it is worth the sacrifice to be here on my mission. I know that I was sent here to help this people. I miss home sometimes, but I love my work. Thank you all for your love and support. More pics next time!


Sister Jensen

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