Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Dear Everyone,
Yeah, so this week has been really busy and fun. We had one baptism on Friday. Brother R.N. He is ten years old and really a cutie. He is very smart and he is actually the one that seems to always give the prayers at our lessons. He was so happy and excited to join the church. The day he got baptized was also his birthday. At first he didn't want to get baptized on his birthday, but by the end of the night he was saying he would never forget it. After he got baptized Sister P and I took a cake to their house for him and taught him a lesson. It was a small cake, but he loved it. If we hadn't brought it, there wouldn't have been any celebration of his birthday. Not even the normal pansit they cook "for long life". There family has very little. We managed to hide the cake before all the kids got there so we could focus on our lesson. R got in from christmas caroling. Here the kids start Christmas caroling even sometimes in November. They go from house to house caroling for money with little home made drums and shakers made out of rocks and old containers singing songs. One of the songs they usually sing is "We wish you a Merry Christmas" but... They are a little mixed up and usually sing "We wish you Americana..." Which is the feminine word for American. Well, they just must really love us americans. Anyways, He got in and we taught our lesson and sang happy birthday and had cake. As he was eating his cake he said he would never forget this day. I hope he never does. Not because of the cake, but because it was the day he decided to recieve the gospel into his life. It was the day he decided to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of his life.

I also got to see the Christmas devotional! It made me miss home so much. Seeing videos of America always make me miss the country I love so much. The Christmas trees and lights... The cold weather... I was missing home. It made me think about my home and how it smells like cinnamon candles and pine trees, and our Christmas tree that is REAL not fake. The lights everywhere... The layering of clothes and wearing boots... I miss my boots and scarfs and winter attire. People wear hats and coats here, but I think they are crazy and don't know how they are not boiling alive. They have lights here... but they are also very creative. There is a tree at a school here made out of water bottles and other assorted plastics. I will have to take some pictures for you all to see. Christmas is a little different here. They also sometimes ask for Christmas presents... It is a little strange for me.. But it is all good. Things are different here on this side of the world, but they are good. Everything here is celebrated with food.

Today we had our Christmas party for our North side of the mission. It was a lot of fun. I got to play volleyball! I haven't gotten to do that in a long time. It was at a nice resort and we played games together, had some skits, ate food, sang, danced, were given a kit-kat by president and his wife, and I received the package my mom sent me! So all and all it was a great day! I enjoyed it. I miss being able to play sports. It was great to get to play again. It still is hard to feel like it is Christmas because it isn't cold, but as President asked us to think about the Savior and what he did for us and then ask ourselves what we can do for him in our work I definitely felt the Christmas spirit. I almost cried... Because I owe so much to our Savior Jesus Christ. I know that Christ died for us so that we could have hope. He is central to the plan of our Loving Heavenly Father. Without him we could not return to live with God. Because of him and because of the gospel (The plan of God for us) we can have salvation and eternal happiness.

Love others as Jesus loves you,
I love you! Merry Christmas!

Sister Jensen

" This is the happiness the Gospel brings." 

"Birthday ni R."

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