Saturday, July 20, 2013

The First of Many Mission Good-byes (MTC week 5)

Hello Everyone! 
This week flew by! It seems like all the weeks here do. I got my flight plans yesterday!!!! I will be going to the SLC airport, from there I will go to San Fransisco CA, then Tokyo Japan, and lastly Manila Philippines! From there we will probably be shipped on a bus or something to my mission! I am SUPER excited, but at the same time I do not feel completely prepared. I have confidence that the Lord wouldn't send me out if He didn't think I was ready though, so I am sure I will figure it all out and be able to share the Gospel with the people of the Philippines! I hear they are really nice and try to help you out a lot if you are learning Tagalog. One of our teachers said that he only got the door slammed in his face once and that was because it was a drunken drag queen. I can't say I want a similar experience, well, besides not getting doors slammed in my face. Richard G. Hinkley was our Tuesday night Devo. He is an emeritus General Authority. Afterwards we took a big picture and he said we are the best missionaries on this earth. I thought that was pretty cool. He said some other things as well, but I don't have my notes right now. Anyways, one of our teachers said goodbye to us this week. The day before we left Sister Shrack and I had a lesson with him. We started in Tagalog, but he stopped us and we continued in English saying what we really wanted to say and teaching according to his needs. He told us that even an awesome scripture or lesson can be bad if it is in the wrong place and time. I had to agree with him. He then addressed my concern of being able to teach in Tagalog and I learned all that I have to do is try because if I am not trying to teach according to the people's needs then it is irrelevant to them. Afterwards he said a prayer. It was so powerful to me because it came from someone that I have grown to love and respect. He blessed our families and our teaching efforts and much more. He has been like my big brother here and I miss him already. It feels like just yesterday that I walked into the MTC for the first day and he was there speaking gibberish to me. After the prayer we were all kind of holding back tears. I realized this would be the first of many goodbyes on my mission. I hope that all of them are this sweet because then I know that I am doing what I need to do. I think that leaving the MTC might be like leaving home all over again. Well, I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and your thoughts. I am learning Tagalog. It's coming, but I know it will take much more effort and struggling on my part before I really get it all down. I can't wait to be fluent hahaha! I will have one more week to write you all in the USA. I leave the 29th of this month! Alam ko po totoo ang ebanhelyo! 
Sister Jensen

Our Guro, Brother W.

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