Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kumusta! (MTC week 4)

Kamusta pamilya at mga kaibigan!
It is good to hear from all of you. I would like to tell you all thank you for your prayers. I am learning a lot and I think the language is coming along. I still have a long ways to go, but I am thankful for all the support and love. This last Sunday we had Brother and Sister Hackey talk to us. Sister Dianne Hackey is a scriptorean that just retired from BYU. She met the prophet when she was young and it scared her. She said she felt like he could see right through her and from that point on she wanted the kind of person that could look the prophet in the eye, so she did her homework and became a scriptorean. She was hilarious! Brother Hackey talked about riding a horse they had named Bimbo and his mother telling him to do something and he got upset. He went inside and threw one of his spurs somewhere. After a while he decided he wanted to go ride his horse again, but he couldn't find his spur. He looked and looked. He prayed and immediately afterwards found it underneath the bed right by where he was kneeling and right where he had looked several times. This story reminded me of home.  He also told us that the Lord cannot drive a parked car. We have to be willing to take action to recieve revelation in our life. We cannot pray about something half-heartedly not expecting an answer or to not be willing to act on that answer, or no answer will come to us. We have to be ready and willing to do what the Lord asks of us. Both of them were funny people. Then on Tuesday We had another devotional By Mytris Kendrick and L. Lionel Kendrick an Emeritus General Authority. He spoke with power. I could feel that he was an appostle of the Lord. He said that in the morning we can ask one of two questions: "What am I doing today" or "How am I ever going to get it all done today." He said that these two questions will tell whether or not we are serving the Lord or just serving time. The second one is how we can determine if we are serving the Lord. Then he talked about prayer and personal revelation. He said that God reveals himself to those that are ready.  He said, " Heavenly Father never uses a flood light when a flashlight is acceptable" and that is the way it is with personal revelation. He gently prompts us and if we are not ready for it he waits for us to come seeking it. He said that "Revelation comes to the heart and mind. It comes as thoughts and feelings. If you have both you know that it is personal revelation." I never thought about personal revelation in that way, an dso I found that very interesting.  At the end of his talk he blessed all of us missionaries. I could feel the power of that blessing. He blessed us to have the spririt, help us master the languages we are learning, and to have a fond remembrand of the truth. I have already seen the power of that blessing in my life. Well, it has been great here! The MTC is a wonderful place. I have learned so much already. My companion and I had a couple of wonderful lessons this week. Just yesterday we didn't teach our investigators any of the messages we had prepared for them, but because of the Lord we were able to answer their needs and teach them accordingly. I know I could not have done it without him because, I am weak in the language, but as I put my trust more and more in the Lord and seek to learn the language as best as I can, I know he blesses me. He wants his children to feel his love and I am just the mouth piece. There are times of discouragement and doubt, and I know that I might feel overwhelmed when I get there, but I am looking forward to it and relying on the Lord. Thank you  all for your support and love!
Binasbasan po ang ebanhelyo ng mga pamilya! The Gospel blesses families!
Mahal Kita!
Sister Jensen (Jasmine)

Feeling like a flight attendant in TALL.

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