Saturday, July 27, 2013

MTC week 6

Kumusta pamilya at mga kaibigan!
I've added a couple of you this week to my big e-mail to everyone. I hope you don't mind. Next week I will have wonderful things to tell you about the Philippines. This week I just have a funny fact. In the Philippines there is in F in the alphabet, but if they use F they usually mix it up with the P. So they say Pilipino not Filipino and when they mix it up apparently a common one is fart instead of part. Hey, it's the truth. Just laugh about it because you know it is funny :). Anyways, this week I got to host the new missionaries! Which means I got to welcome all the new missionaries at the MTC, and settle them into there apartments, and get them their stuff, and take them to their classes so they didn't get lost. It was great! A lot of fun, even though I only got to host one person, it was still amazing. She was from Utah and she is going to Chicago where she used to live! Crazy huh? Her parents felt at ease leaving her because they knew she would be in a place that she knew with lots of friends. She was super nice and I know she will be great! It was sad to see people say goodbye to their kids for 2 or 1 1/2 years, but it was fun to help them. One Polynesian sister had two cars filled with family hahaha. It was great! I love the Polynesian people! On Saturday we have a devotional (which is like a talk) from Jolene Alphin. She has compiled hundreds of pioneer stories! She was a historical consultant for Ephraim's rescue and 17 Miracles. She talked about the pioneer men that just got back from missions  and went back to help the struggling handcart companies. The people spoke of them as if they were angels. It was so much fun to learn about the pioneers! Their stories are inspiring and always cause me to want to be a better person. So I am so excited to be going to the Philippines this week! I am so ready to serve the people there. I am ready to feel Christ's love for them! I leave in two days!! Wahoo! Today is my last day for mail at the MTC. Well, Mahal Kita! Salamat sa panalangin! Take care! Write you soon!
Sister Jensen (Jasmine)

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