Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kamusta po Kayo? (MTC week 3)

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was an exciting week as a missionary. My favorite day was the fourth of July of course! We got to watch 17 Miracles! It was the best... Even if they did cut off the Sarah and George story at the end haha. I was so happy to get to watch it, it is such a great movie about the pioneers. My companion and I tried to count all the miracles in it. Afterwards they let us go outside, gave us icecream treats, and we watched the fireworks! It was great! I loved it! They were the stadium of fire fireworks and were probably the best fireworks I have seen. We were all so excited. It was great! Our bedtime got extened, but unfortunately our wake up time did not haha, but it was a lot of fun! Before we started our movie a Brother Laney talked about his son bringing back a fallen airforceman to Mtn. Home.. Idaho! It was touching to hear about because it was so close to home. The airforceman was unable to eject from his aircraft. He left behind a wife and children. He was a man who previously gathered all the airforce children for a fathers day and now his children wouldn't have a father. The escort was given a wedding ring and was told to decide what to do with it because they weren't sure if it was the fallen airforceman's or not. The escort prayed to know what to do. When he came to deliver the body to his neighbor's wife she asked to talk to him. He felt impressed to give her the ring. She was touched. She had been praying that that would be the one thing that was returned to her, and it was. Then Brother Laney went on to talk about how our message, the message of the restored gospel, is a message of freedom. I agree with him, it truly is. It can free us from doubt, worry, sorrow, and pain. All things can be made right through Christ. For this weeks devotional we had Mathe O Richardon talk to us about his mission and doubts as a missionary. He talked about David O'McKay and a stone he saw in a building with the words above some pictures that said "What e're thou art, act well thy part". The symbols in the square are actually math symbols and no matter what way you add up the numers in a line (diagonal, rows, etc) they add up to 18. The point is that even though all the numbers are different, they are all doing their part so that the sum is 18. No matter what we may be in our lives, whether is is a 5 or a 10, a father or mother, a sister or brother, or whatever we are we all have our part and purpose in this life. I realized I may not be the best missionary, or the best Tagalog speaker, but I am a missionary and that is was God has called me to do and so that is what I will be.  My Kasama and I had a hard time with a lesson this week... It was disastrous! But! I did learn from it and I am determined to work harder and to get the language down better. They encourage you to try and speak your language here and it if very hard because it is frustrated to find the words. There is actually a sign that I saw that had a cartoon. It said, "I'm concerned about your companion. He hasn't talked for three days now."  the other one said," He's trying to SYL (Speak your Language)." It went something like that. It was hilarious! Because sometimes I do that.... And somethimes.. WELL, way more than I should I use English. hahaha. Thank you all so much for your replies and your letters and your love. It has been great to hear from you, I don't have too much time on the computer, but I am thankful for you all! Whatever you are, act well your part!
Sister Jensen

Fourth of July Festivities:
Aren't all the Sisters so beautiful from the inside out?! 


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